Epsilon has strengthened its email platform with a cloud-based security solution from Verizon Business that will help identify and mitigate cyber attacks in real-time.

One of the first companies to deploy the solution, according to Epsilon it will combine intelligence from Verizon's global-IP network to provide an improvement over conventional methods of breach detection. A baseline has been created for normal network behaviour and when unusual incidents occur, Epsilon will be alerted.

It will also deploy stronger security measures, including restrictive access to its email platform, as well as enhanced user security with two-factor authentication, Epsilon said.

Epsilon was hit by a major breach earlier this year, when two per cent of its email clients' customer information was exposed by an unauthorised entry into its email system.

Rigorous internal and external reviews confirmed that only email addresses and/or names were compromised. It said at the time that investigations would determine if any additional security safeguards would need to be promptly implemented. It later confirmed that no financial data had been compromised.

Bryan Kennedy, president and CEO of Epsilon, said: “Our relationship with Verizon gives us access to some of the best security tools, technologies and expertise in the world to combat cyber crime.

“Epsilon has already made significant progress in enhancing security measures and remains focused on creating a more secure environment using the most sophisticated resources available to protect our clients and their customers from cyber attacks. Unfortunately, these days, data breaches are a very real, ongoing threat and that's why partnering with the best is so critical to us.”

Peter Tippett, vice president of security and industry solutions for Verizon, said: “We are excited to bring our expertise and knowledge base to Epsilon to improve the way they protect their IT infrastructure. This solution allows them to detect and mitigate crimes as they are happening, so that hackers can be stopped in their tracks. As cyber criminals become more sophisticated, so must cyber security and data protection.”

Epsilon is also implementing new access restrictions through its IP certification requirements, with all access to the email platform, both inbound and outbound, restricted to white-listed IP addresses.

It confirmed that it is working with internet service providers to build an anti-phishing solution that will include developing an open, rapid communication channel between marketers and ISPs, methods to differentiate legitimate communications from fraudulent ones and a way to monitor brand abuse across email domains. This is expected to be presented and released to clients in Q4 2011.