Equifax News, Articles and Updates

Half of Global Fortune 100 continue to download flawed Apache Struts

After a vulnerability in Apache Struts led to serious breaches at Equifax and laid the credit reporting agency low last autumn, organisations should have scrambled to bolster security.

Equifax data breach cost hits £175 million - £91 million insured

The massive data breach that compromised the data of 147.9 million Equifax customers last year has cost the company more than £175 million in related expenses.

Equifax sent erroneous letters to breach victims

During the aftermath of the massive data breach which compromised the data of nearly 150 million consumers, Equifax notified some people using inaccurate letters.

Ex-Equifax US CIO charged with insider trading related to data breach

The US SEC has charged former Equifax executive Jun Ying with insider trading saying he sold stock based on confidential company information enabling him to avoid more than US$ 117,000 (£83,944) in losses.

Spring break vulnerability jeopardises Pivotal Spring projects

A remote code execution flaw, dubbed Spring Break, affects various Pivotal Spring projects and could allow an attacker to run arbitrary commands on any machine running applications built using Spring Data REST.

Equifax breach worse than thought, consumers affected now total 147.9M

Equifax has once again bumped up the estimated number of US consumers affected by its massive breach - now saying that data on 147.9 million was somehow exposed.