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Strengths: Easy-to-deploy, comprehensive endpoint security

Weaknesses: Administrator guides could use more illustrations and configuration examples

Verdict: Strong product, well worth considering

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Eset Endpoint Security provides a full range of endpoint protection features and offers administrators the ability to easily secure and protect Microsoft Windows endpoints throughout the network from viruses and spyware, as well as deploy firewall capability, spam protection, web filtering and device control. All this functionality can be managed easily from a central management console and deployed out to the agents waiting on the endpoints.


This product was straightforward to install from both the server and client sides. The first component that needs to be set up is the remote administration server. We installed the server software on one of our Windows Server machines in the SC lab with no trouble at all. The installation was done by running a simple installer file and following a short setup wizard. At the completion of the wizard, we were able to access the main management console application from our server and begin the process of setting all of the policy settings and configuration.


We found deploying the Endpoint Security clients to be just as simple. The client installers are in .msi file format so they can be easily deployed and installed via Microsoft Group Policy. Once the clients were installed, we were able to easily manage them from our remote server.


The remote administration console for this tool allows for comprehensive control over the client applications at the endpoints, as well as monitoring the overall health and status of the endpoint clients. Using this console, we were able to easily manage policy, as well as schedule security scans, update client signatures, rollback configurations or updates, and gather report information. We found the overall layout of the console to be intuitive and it has a clean and organised look.


Documentation included installation guides for the remote administrator console, as well as the client application. We found these guides to be well organised and to include a great amount of detail on installing and configuring the product, though we did notice a lack of screenshots, especially in the remote administrator console guide. We would prefer more visuals, including diagrams, to go along with configuration steps.


Eset offers customers no cost, 12/5 phone- and email-based technical assistance, as well as access to a large area on the website that includes product documentation and a full knowledgebase for troubleshooting. Customers requiring 24/7 technical aid can purchase it as part of an annual contract, which starts as low as c£318.70 and can be customised to meet the needs of the organisation.


At a price starting at around c£12.74 per seat per year for 500 to 999 seats, we found Eset Endpoint Security to be reasonable value for the money. While it does require an on-going subscription cost due to the need for constant updates to anti-virus signatures and other components, we found that its overall ease of use and flexibility provide a lot of value for any organisation. We also found that the administrator console really added to the overall value due to its comprehensive feature set. 

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