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Estonian cyber-security ranks best in Europe, fifth in the world

The second iteration of the Global Cyber-security Index announced at Information Society Forum 2017 praises the country for its response to the 2007 attack on its infrastructure from Russia.

Estonia in talks to back up data in UK

Fearing a Russian cyber-attack, Estonia is reportedly negotiating with the UK and Luxembourg governments to store citizen data in the UK.

Baltics states to strengthen national IT security

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania plan to significantly strengthen their national IT security, amid the ever growing threat from Russia and the Islamic State.

Belgium to join NATO CCDCE

Finland to join Cyber Defence Centre

Finland's Defence Minister Carl Haglund has confirmed that Finland aims to become a Contributing Partner to the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) in Tallin, capital of neighbour Estonia, with Finnish experts due to be working there from next year.