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Ethical hackers can earn 16 times a software engineers' salary, report

A recent HackerOne survey found that some bug bounties bounty-hunters are earning more than 16 times what they would have earned as a software engineer in their own country.

Why companies should employ ethical hackers

Hiring a white hat hacker to find your system vulnerabilities and fix them, before the bad guys find and exploit them is a recommended method of strengthening defences says Krishna Rungta.

UAE medical centre hit, hacker claims good intentions

A medical centre in the UAE has been modestly breached by a hacker who claims to want to teach them a lesson in security.

ICYMI: Panama leak; Ethical Top 15; What'sApp encryption; door hack

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at Panamanian papers - insider or email hack? Top 15 ethical hackers; WhatsApp end-to-end encryption; door control vulnerability

The 15 most successful ethical hackers worldwide

Not all hackers are evil, some of them do fight to keep the internet safe. Most of the good guys do it for the bounties offered by major brands and net companies.