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Crunch time for GDPR - how to prepare. Eight steps to compliance.

All organisations based at least partially online and handling data across the EU must comply with the new GDPR rules yet 69 percent of UK businesses are not ready. Being unprepared is dangerous warns Dr Jamie Graves.

ICYMI: WordPress; EternalBlue; SC Awards; GDPR; Encryption

In Case You Missed It: Why target WordPress?; EternalBlue further exploited; SC Awards Europe 2017 Winners; Buying GDPR compliance; Encryption targeted following terrorism attacks

Cyber Security's future - more difficult than winning the premiership

Delegates at The Future of Cyber Security in Manchester were told how the current problems are only getting worse and we're not starting from a great position, but there are defensive strategies than can reduce the risks.

Will the GDPR Prevent the Next Headline-Grabbing Data Breach?

Gavin Millard says that while having a regulation such as the EU GDPR in place would have reduced the chance of a breach the size of Yahoo!, practicing good cyber hygiene and timely disclosure have the best effects when dealing with any major breach that compromises personal data.

ICYMI:PSN hacked; Russia prepares; Internet blackouts; Mirai botnet use; GDPR & Brexit

This week In Case You Missed It looks at: PSN hack on B1 launch; Russia prepares for retaliation; Blackouts from Dyn DDoS; Mirai botnets cause Dyn blackouts; Brexit confuses GDPR plans.

Cyber-security: tense topic for IT pros to discuss with their bosses

More than half of cyber-security professionals find it difficult to highlight possible security system weaknesses for senior management, while the rest find it more difficult to admit something has gone wrong.

Organisations not confident about complying with EU regulation

Seven out of 10 IT decision makers say that data protection is a priority for their organisation, but only 26 percent say they are confident about complying with current EU legislation.

Despite Brexit, UK businesses must still prepare for the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Lewis Henderson explains how companies need to prepare to EU general data protection regulation in light of the post Brexit situation in relation to cyber-security.

InfoSec 2016: EU GDPR - Don't panic, prioritise - and do the right thing for your customers

Don't panic, prioritise and plan for EU GDPR - and if you do the right thing for your customer, the chances are you will be compliant and avoid potentially hefty fines for data breach.