EU privacy law - aspects should be welcomed

News by Max Metzger

Some of the measures being brought in by the impending European data protection laws should be welcomed not feared says Carsten Casper, a vice president with Gartner Research, responsible for the Privacy Key Initiative and the Security and Risk Management Leaders agenda talking at today's 2015 Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit,

In his presentation, "what can we expect from upcoming EU data protection regulation?" Casper outlined several changing factors in EU privacy law such as the fact that where there were once many different laws there will soon be only one concerning data protection, albeit with 28 different regulators. 

Casper cited the need for data protection officers in the upcoming data protection regulations, saying that these: "should be seen as an opportunity, not a burden." He added that, for companies "it makes sense to have a privacy officer, regardless of the law".
He also said that companies will need to conform to breach notification requirements by having a plan for the process including telling the affected individual when their privacy has been infringed.
In addition, Casper noted that many of the principles outlined in the forthcoming European Data Protection Act are "principles we've seen in the past, carried forward in different words".

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