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Security without borders: how to keep information flowing after Brexit

Organisations that operate across the UK and Europe need to make sure they have a strong information-sharing framework in place ahead of March 2019 so that joint operations can withstand any change in national relationships.

Critical infrastructure security - getting to grips with EU NIS Directive

EU NIS Directive: As the implementation of the first true piece of cyber-security legislation draws near, Jalal Bouhdada discusses its potential impact on 'operators of essential services.

Europol director candidate quizzed by MEPs today, appointment could follow

Catherine De Bolle, general commissioner of the Belgian federal police, the selected candidate for Executive Director of European Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol) undergoes MEP questioning today.

Data Protection Day: EC issues GDPR guidance

With just under four months to go before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect, the European Commission (EC) published guidance last wee, meant to help organisations apply the new rules to their businesses.

Europe creates new security body separate from Nato - UK not included

To be known as PESCO, the body will allow member states to jointly develop military capabilities, invest in shared projects and enhance their respective armed forces.

All EU bodies urged to follow same data protection rules

Data protection rules for EU institutions, bodies and agencies must cover all EU bodies to ensure strong and coherent data protection safeguards and avoid loopholes says the European Parliament's lead MEP.

EC amicus brief in Microsoft Irish server case to define SCOTUS data laws

The European Commission has said it will file an amicus brief with the US Supreme Court in the US versus Microsoft case on behalf of the European Union (EU).

New EU framework allows members to consider cyber-attacks acts of war

A forthcoming policy framework from the EU will declare that cyber-attacks from hostile actors can be considered an act of war that under the most serious of circumstances justifies a response with conventional weapons.

EU says prior permission required to monitor staff electronic communications

Organisations will have to ask permission first before being allowed to conduct electronic monitoring of staff.

21 EU members not complying with court ordered privacy rules: report

21 European Union members continue to retain personal data despite going against both their own and EU legal mandates.

Deadline looms for GDPR compliance - one year to go for enforcement

A year today - May 25th 2018 - the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will end its honeymoon period and be enforced - potentially harshly.

ENISA seeks broader EU cyber-security mandate in upcoming review

Ahead of the review and renewal of its mandate in 2020, ENISA is setting out its case for a broader mandate and larger budget to better attack cyber-crime in Europe.

EU investigating more than 5000 international organised crime groups

Europol's Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment 2017 (SOCTA) research consisted of more than 2300 questionnaires on crime areas and organised crime groups.

Slovak Finance Ministry drafts country's first cyber-security law

Slovakia is in the process of drafting its first cyber-security law which will address not only the security of finance and health but also critical utilities infrastructure.

82% of global and IT business pros are concerned about GDPR compliance

New global research from Dell reveals the lack of awareness among SMBs and large enterprises of the requirements of the EU's GDPR, going into effect in under two years

e-Signatures & eIDAS - what you need to know

David Alexander discusses three ways in which the new EU e-Signature Regulation will affect wealth management companies.

CYBERSEC 2016: Can you enforce international cooperation on cyber-security?

International cooperation, even within the context of the European Union, is never easy but is vital in the fight against cyber-crime, CYBERSEC 2016 heard.

Brexit and the GDPR: What can UK businesses do now?

While the result of the referendum in the UK to leave the EU was unexpected by commentators, Brexit isn't the disaster that some critics claim and for nimble companies, it provides some opportunities, says Jack Bedell-Pearce.

Sir Julian King recommended for appointment to commissioner for Security Union of European Parliament

The Civil Liberties Committee recommends that Sir Julian King should be appointed as commissioner for Security Union.

Turkish group responsible for failed cyber-attack on Vienna airport

Austrian police are investigating a failed cyber-attack on the Vienna airport and the authenticity of a claim of responsibility from a Turkish political group.

626 days to GDPR - the time to prepare is now

A group of data protection experts gathered this morning in central Edinburgh to discuss the next steps for data protection in Scotland and agreed that we should all be preparing diligently for the GDPR.

EU ministers rattle sabres at encrypted ISIS jihadi comms channels

France and Germany discuss 'tapping' encrypted end-to-end networks such as WhatsApp and Skype

EU member states approve EU-US Privacy Shield

Following negotiations between EU and US officials, the Privacy Shield agreement has been approved by the EU's 28 member states on Friday 8 July. Formal adoption should commence early this week

ICYMI: EU CPNI directive; Euro 2016; Health hit; Expertise absent; Travel risk

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at EU cyber-directive; Sports targeted; Health most breached; Orgs lack expertise; Travellers at risk

Parents don't see children at risk from online marketing, study says

Across Europe, children do not receive an equal level of protection from the adverse effects of online marketing due to different marketing regulations to children between countries and parents' different models of oversight of their kids' online activities.

[Updated] New EU directive requires critical infrastructure to improve cyber-security

The European Parliament has passed this morning the new network and information security (NIS) directive, placing minimum standards for cyber-security on critical infrastructure operators.

Brexit will 'prove challenging' to UK universities and tech sector

Following the announcement on Friday that the country had voted in favour of leaving the EU, commentators have been assessing the impact on UK tech.

Europol mandate strengthened plus oversight increased

Europol's mandate has been strenghtened to provide new powers in the fight against cyber-crime and terrorism, while extra safeguards have been put in place to provide oversight and data protection for citizens.

Last Word: GDPR could help Europe take the lead for breach notification

Companies operating in Europe have until 2018 to comply with compulsory breach notification under the EU GDPR or face heavy fines, but Gant Redmon says this could be a good thing for the industry and provide a global legislative model