EuroCACS 2016 News, Articles and Updates

EuroCACS 2016: Audit social media like other core IT functions

Social media is no different that other IT functions when it comes to the need to ask questions and test internal controls, it was argued at EuroCACS 2016.

EuroCACS 2016: Blockchain will unleash new wave of change in tech

Speaking at EuroCACS 2016 in Dublin, ISACA's Dr Ron Hale described how crypto-ledgers could disrupt many established industries.

EuroCACS 2016: Computers learn how to detect fraud, waste and error

Using artificial intelligence, we are rapidly approaching the day when computers will be able to sift through terabytes of data to detect fraudulent financial transactions.

EuroCACS 2016: Cloud still challenged by need for IT assurance

Outsourcing data and services to the cloud makes good business sense provided your organisation takes steps to mitigate the inherent risks, according to one of the speakers at EuroCACS 2016.