The European Commission is to consider new identity fraud legislation in order to boost the fight against cyber crime.

According to the commission, the new policy will include a push for better communication between law enforcement agencies and improved information exchanges between public and private bodies in an attempt to combat the fraudsters.

While no laws on cyber crime will be passed in the next few months, the commission did say that it will mull over identity theft legislation later this year.

"No general legislation on the fight against cyber crime can be expected to be effective at this moment," an EC spokesperson said in a statement. "The commission will consider an initiative regarding European legislation against identity theft. Legislative action could also include developing a regulation on the responsibility of different actors in the relevant sector."

The spokesperson added: “The policy instrument includes actions to improve the exchange of information and best practices, initiatives to enhance training and awareness-raising within law enforcement authorities.”

However, many experts believe that this will cause problems because state bodies in Europe have proved unwilling to share personal data with the private sector in the past.