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Data Protection Day: EC issues GDPR guidance

With just under four months to go before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect, the European Commission (EC) published guidance last wee, meant to help organisations apply the new rules to their businesses.

EC amicus brief in Microsoft Irish server case to define SCOTUS data laws

The European Commission has said it will file an amicus brief with the US Supreme Court in the US versus Microsoft case on behalf of the European Union (EU).

Encryption to come under renewed fire from European Commission in June

Encryption will face a make it or break it moment in June when the European Commission lays out new options for forcing internet companies to hand over the keys.

European Commission proposes privacy rules for all electronic communications

The proposal put forward by the European Commission are hoped to be in place by the 25th of May 2018 when the EU General Data Protection Regulation comes into power.

European Commission gets DDoSed

The European Commission was the victim of a DDoS attack this afternoon that blocked internet connectivity on-and-off for several hours.

Is the EU to blame for further prompting privacy issues with OTT services?

The European Commission to looking to tighten its regulatory grip on US-based tech companies which are slowly replacing traditional telcos in the services they provide.

Europe unhappy with Privacy Shield, holding off until 2017

Europe's data protection committee is going to let Privacy Shield operate for a year, promising to hold off on legal challenges until its first joint annual review happens in 2017.

European Commission formally adopts EU-US Privacy Shield

Approved last week, the European Commission has formally adopted the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement as a legal route to tranfer personal data from the EU to the US.

Leaked information casts doubt on Privacy Shield

Leaked information from the working group reviewing Privacy shield highlights scepticism from within the EU about whether the new privacy regime goes far enough

EC wants to crack down on virtual currency exchanges

Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin may not be as anonymous as they once were as the European Commision announces its intention to regulate the virtual currency exchanges that, the Commission says, aid terrorist financing.

New EU data protection law looms near, but are security teams ready?

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation is on course to be introduced this year, but politicians and IT security teams are not completely sold on it.

A year of trouble and strife for Google and the 'Right to be forgotten'

One year ago the European Court of Justice ruled that Google should remove URL links from its search engine at the request of just one internet user; now, the tech giant finds itself fighting a privacy battle against users, regulators, academics and activists.

European Commission backs Microsoft in privacy fight with US

Microsoft has won the European Commission's support as it battles in court to prevent the US Government getting hold of one of its customer's emails, stored at its Dublin data centre.

EU data protection law reform criticised on Data Privacy Day

The European Commission's forthcoming data protection law reforms have been heavily criticised on Data Privacy Day.

Euro-cloud 'all hot air'

UK cloud vendors reject calls for a 'secure' European cloud in the wake of Prism surveillance revelations.