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Top 6 steps for GDPR compliance

Effective 25 May, 2018, the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, commonly called GDPR, will become not only the law of the land in Europe but across the globe.

All EU bodies urged to follow same data protection rules

Data protection rules for EU institutions, bodies and agencies must cover all EU bodies to ensure strong and coherent data protection safeguards and avoid loopholes says the European Parliament's lead MEP.

EC amicus brief in Microsoft Irish server case to define SCOTUS data laws

The European Commission has said it will file an amicus brief with the US Supreme Court in the US versus Microsoft case on behalf of the European Union (EU).

ACLU and HRW: Recent US political developments endanger Privacy Shield

The ACLU and the HRW have penned an open letter to the European Commission claiming that recent political developments could upset the basis for the EU Privacy Shield.

Amnesty says UK leads Europe-wide 'race to bottom' with terrorism laws

Amnesty has claimed its new report aims to give a bird's eye view of the national security landscape in Europe. "It shows just how widespread and deep the 'securitisation' of Europe has become since 2014," it said.

Data protection: What next after Brexit?

While EU GDPR compliance may no longer be law in the UK after it leaves the EU, for those doing business with the EU, conformity will still be required in some shape or form, so you'd still better start preparing now.

'Biggest ever' pan-European cyber-security exercise concludes today

CE2016, the fourth in a semi-annual series of pan-European cyber-security exercises organised by ENISA, has concluded today, bringing to a close six months of activity.

Landmark emergency hearing to challenge UK security legislation

Bulk collection is on the ropes as the ECJ will clarify whether UK security legislation is consistent with European law.

Privacy shield: Officials give "written assurances" over limiting bulk data collection

The Privacy Shield negotiations have produced an unprecedented agreement between the US and the EU that there will be safeguards against the bulk collection of the EU citizens' data but critics are unconvinced.

SC Congress: 'GDPR is a measure of just how seriously we take data'

Emma Philpot, Renate Samson and Emily Taylor gathered at the SC Congress to discuss the impending EU regulations on data privacy

EC wants to crack down on virtual currency exchanges

Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin may not be as anonymous as they once were as the European Commision announces its intention to regulate the virtual currency exchanges that, the Commission says, aid terrorist financing.

EU to expand controls on virtual currencies to fight terrorism

The EU is looking to crack down on anonymous currency exchanges that could be used by terrorist.