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Europol calls for cooperation on Darkweb and IOT use by criminals

In recent conferences Europol has been teaming up with other organisations to ensure a joint law enforcement approach with Interpol to the darkweb and ransomware especially, and with ENISA to meet the challenge of IOT.

Europol: the response to unprecedented cyber-attacks "not good enough"

The global scale, impact and rate of spread of cyber-attacks over the past year is unprecedented reports Europol's 2017 Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA).

Darkweb counterfeiters taken down in Europol coordinated joint action

Criminals buying and/or selling counterfeit Euro banknotes on illegal Darknet marketplaces, such as AlphaBay and Hansa Market, have been arrested in a joint operation by seven EU Member States, coordinated by Europol.

Europol arrests counter anti-virus, malware crypter services customers

Six customers of a malware crypter service were arrested throughout Europe Tuesday following a year-long initiative called Operation Neuland, Europol said in a release.

Europol announces takedown ring of card-skimming fraudsters

The European law enforcement organisation says that thanks to the malicious activities carried out by the group, 3,000 victims have lost roughly half a million Euros.

Standarised aggregation of digital forensic data agreed across Europe

The CASE unified format for aggregating digital data from different forensic tools has been agreed at an event hosted by Europol's EC3 this week.

ICYMI: GDPR spat; NAS vul; Criminal arrests; RingGo App; Hack tools

In Case You Missed It: GDPR 'consent'; NAS vulnerability; 5 criminals arrested; RingGo App vulnerability; More Shadow Brokers tools

No More Ransom gets major boost with new members, new decryption tools

No More Ransom, conceived as a European resource, is adding new partners and new decryption tools in a boost to its now global anti-ransomware campaign.

Shodan finds confidential Europol terrorist dossiers

Unprotected classified Europol files were linked to the internet and accessible via a hard drive found through Shodan

British teenagers caught up in international card fraud investigation

An international swoop on payment card fraudsters - or 'carders' - has resulted in the arrest of 15 suspects in Canada, Finland, Spain and the UK including an 18-year-old man in Birmingham.

Law enforcement launches worldwide Dark Net crack down

A coordinated, worldwide crack down on the sale if illegal products on the Dark Net took place last week with law enforcement officials from more than a dozen countries taking part.

Cyber-crime: on an upward trend

Cyber-crime growth is accelerating. Rob Wainwright reports how Europol's 2016 Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment identifies an expanding cyber-criminal economy exploiting our increasingly Internet-enabled lives.

European ransomware initiative gains 13 new member countries

The fight against ransomware is going global as an initiative by the Dutch police and Europol begins to attract support from Europe and the rest of the world.

Europol's IOCTA report says cyber-crime on a sharp rise

Europol has released its yearly Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) report, which this year has highlighted a sharp incline in cyber-crime and identified eight cyber-crime trends.

The Ransomware villain: Why companies mustn't rely on heroes

Andy Buchanan discusses why companies need to take practical steps to defend against the consistent threat of ransomware

Law enforcement and IT security companies join forces to fight ransomware

The Dutch National Police, Europol, Intel Security and Kaspersky Lab have joined forces to launch an initiative which will see the cooperation fight ransomware.

UN warns police are not up to targeting dark web superstores

Not a place you want to go shopping, the 'anonymous online marketplace' was meant to protect civil liberties but is now better known as a nefarious network for the illicit drugs trade.

Europol mandate strengthened plus oversight increased

Europol's mandate has been strenghtened to provide new powers in the fight against cyber-crime and terrorism, while extra safeguards have been put in place to provide oversight and data protection for citizens.

Europol and F-Secure sign MoU to share cyber-crime info

Europol has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Finnish online security company F-Secure. The agreement aims to improve information sharing for fighting crime.

Arrested hackers revealed to be outfit behind MegalodonHTTP trojan

Norwegian police and Europol feel collars of five cyber-criminals who are believed to be behind the MegalodonHTTP RAT.

'Key member' of DD4BC arrested in international crackdown

The cyber-extortionist gang DD4BC has reportedly suffered a blow as one of the group's key members was arrested and another detained this week in a crackdown which has brought together law enforcement agencies from around the world.

12 arrested in Europe for improper use of RATs

Europol and a variety of law enforcement around Europe were involved in an affair leading to 12 people being arrested for using remote access Trojans (RATs).

FBI, Interpol and Microsoft cooperated in Dorkbot takedown

A coalition of law enforcement agencies partnered with technology companies and security vendors, including Microsoft, CERT.PL and ESET to take down a ring of over 1 million computers infected with the Dorkbot botnet, according to information provided by Microsoft, Interpol, and ESET.

Global efforts take down 37,000 websites selling counterfeit goods

In an effort by global law enforcement, over 37,000 websites selling counterfeit goods have been shut down during the time leading up to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

Europol get new powers to target terrorists and cyber-gangs

Europe's police agency, Europol, is getting new powers to combat terrorism, cyber-crime and other cross-border threats, after more than 440 people were killed in terrorist attacks last month, including the Paris attacks.

Europol creates first dark web training programme

With notable dark web marketplaces, including Darkode, being taken down recently, Europol announced the creation of a unique training course to prepare agents for this covert line of work.

Law enforcement clears out Darkode cyber-criminal forum

Law enforcement organisations from around the world have cleared out a hornet's nest of criminality, the notorious Darkode cyber-criminal forum.