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£235 for monitoring ten hosts

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Strengths: Easy click-based filtering and many pre-built reports

Weaknesses: Time consuming to configure. Documentation is very basic

Verdict: A capable product that is worth looking into, especially for smaller organisations

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ManageEngine's EventLog Analyzer provides event and application log monitoring and management across a wide variety of hosts and devices, all from a centralised web-based management console. It can provide a way to instantly analyse the environment for threats and compliance risks and run pre-built reports for quick visibility.

We found this product to be quite simple to install and get up and running. The installation is all self contained and runs from a single executable. After this is complete the management console can be accessed via a web browser. This is where we found it gets a little tricky. The console itself is quite easy to navigate but there is a lot of configuration that has to be done to get the product working properly. We would like to see a more streamlined way of adding hosts and devices.

However, once devices, groups and alert profiles are set up EventLog Analyzer proves to be quite powerful. It offers easy drill down with a click and filter process that allows for quick filtering of logs and events.

Documentation for this product is built in as a HTML help file. We found this file to be of average help. While it was well organised with plenty of bookmarks, it did not offer a lot in the way of screenshots or examples. It did however, have a lot of easy to follow step-by-step instructions that helped in getting the product configured.

ManageEngine offers a wide range of both fee-based and free support options. Customers have access to 8/5 phone support, email and remote access assistance as part of an annual contract. There is also an online forum, knowledgebase and other support resources available on the website at no cost.

At a price starting at just over £230 for ten hosts we find EventLog Analyzer to be average value for the money. While it does provide some good reporting and management features, we found it was quite time consuming to get it up and running and fully configured.

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