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SC Media UK arms senior cyber-security professionals like you with in-depth, unbiased business and technical information that you need to tackle the countless security challenges your organisation faces. We created our SC Congress London specifically for our most senior audience in the greater UK cyber-security community.

SC Congress London has by far been one of our most popular, well-attended and well-regarded events in our SC Congress portfolio. On 23 February 2017, SC Congress once again hosted one of the most talked about cyber-security events in the UK.
This year at SC Congress London we also showcased our new format, which included new technical editorial tracks exploring Ransomware, Data Breaches and DDoS Protection.

Please note as this is an editorially driven event, attendance is open and complimentary to senior cyber-security practitioners at end-user organisations only*. 

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The Roundtables will feature a networking breakfast or lunch, followed by an invitation-only, top level discussion. Please note the topics/dates are subject to change.

*Attendance at each Roundtable will be limited to 15 CISO, CTO and other senior industry leaders and will be by invitation only.  To find out more about the process, or to be considered for an invitation, please contact Tony MorbinIllena Armstrong, or Karen Koza.

**By registering for the SC Media UK Roundtable Series and attending any sponsored session you are agreeing to your data being held by the organisers in the UK and US, and to being contacted by the sponsor (exhibitor company).

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Excellence in this sector encompasses new ways to gather and leverage threat intelligence, technology to prevent intruders finding their way into our networks, monitoring options to catch them if they get inside, approaches to prevent our data being stolen or accidentally leaked by malicious or inadvertent inside threats, through to encryption and other technologies to make the data unusable if it does find its way into the hands of our attackers.

Ten years ago information security was a niche part of the IT department, while today it gets called Cyber-Security and is described as a Tier One threat to critical national infrastructure - from banks to nuclear power stations, as well as a threat to each of us personally, thus cumulatively a threat to society.

Cash and IP are being stolen every day with values over the year running into hundreds of millions of pounds, while many millions of individuals' credentials continue to be illegally obtained. And we have come to accept that the attacker is most likely already in our network, and if not, the chances are that they soon will be. But the situation would be far worse were it not for the information security industry.

The importance of this sector continues to grow, including the demand for the skills and talents of its participants. Every year our attackers up their game, and every year we need to do at least the same to match them - and more to beat them.

That's why it is important to encourage and praise innovation, recognise those who raise the bar, and reward exemplars who facilitate best practice.

At this year's gala event in our new venue of Old Billingsgate on the Thames, we did just that, honoured and recognised the leading players in our sector - individuals, companies and products that have played their part in making our world a safer place. Thank you.

Tony Morbin, Editor-in-chief, SC Media UK