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Winter Olympics cyber attacks - they thought it was all over

The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games closes this weekend, having been repeatedly targeted by malicious cyber-attacks, along with several organisations associated with the Games. But the threat is far from over.

Winter Olympics: How can sports organisers defend against cyber-criminals?

There are multiple motives behind cyber-attacks on big sporting events; corporate blackmail, access to the personal and financial information of ticket buyers. Mainly, cyber- criminals are attracted by high numbers and attention/profit.

Enter boardroom, set hair on fire. How not to tackle incident response

Event anomalies can be an indicator of attack, but they can also just be an IT problem. New research suggests the latter might be more common than you think.

US National Cyber Security Alliance Data Privacy Day

In the US the National Cyber Security Alliance's Data Privacy Day kick off event took place on 25 January, three days before the actual event yesterday, and featured several events including a conference that was livestreamed.

SC Awards Europe - entry deadline on Thursday

Judging starts next month for the SC Awards Europe 2018 - the leading Awards for the cyber-security industry. Closing date for entries is Thursday 25 January - late entries until Thursday 8 February.

Measuring success in cyber-security - what constitutes 'good'?

The ability to define what construes "good" cyber-security has become a priority for the industry, says Phil Cracknell, CISO at Homeserve, as David Roberts reports.

Cyber-Sec pros targeted: NATO cyber-conflict event in cyber-conflict

In a stroke of ironical genius, Russian hackers have targeted security conference attendees with a targeted phishing campaign.

Punitive penalties will drive GDPR compliance says analyst/CISO forum

Reputation, jobs, customer services, data theft and legal costs are all dwarfed by the prospect of company-killing fines and it is these which are driving the moves to GDPR compliance.

4SICS SCADA event renamed CS3STHLM set for October in Stockholm

The fourth summit of 4SICS will relaunch under the new name CS3STHLM.

Linux Australia conference delegate data exposed

Linux Australia president Joshua Hesketh, says that a "malicious individual" had used a RAT to access Linux Australia's main conference database resulting in a data breach.

Control systems are under attack: 4SICS

Control systems are visible on the internet and under attack from dedicated malware, but vendors are not providing adequate security.