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Starts at £39 per user

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Strengths: Solid single sign-on with integration capability into many other pieces of the Evidian suite

Weaknesses: Difficult to install and manage

Verdict: A bit light on features and a challenge to implement and manage

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Evidian's Enterprise SSO is the single sign-on piece of its much larger Identity and Access Management Suite. This piece provides many options to integrate an existing enterprise infrastructure with single sign-on capabilities. The Enterprise SSO client installs on stations and obtains credentials from the existing enterprise LDAP directory. Depending on their defined rights, users may integrate applications into SSO and delegate access to other users.

Installation and configuration of this product is far from easy and is done by launching an executable that launches a setup wizard of sorts. The setup is mostly done by going through a lengthy procedure in which different parts of the installation are completed by launching other setup wizards. Some of these steps include modifying the Active Directory schema and creating the default objects. From there, clients need to be set up on the workstations. Management is done through a console that can be quite confusing to use.

This central enterprise console lets administrators define, modify and remove access rights on a role-based basis. Credentials are stored (passwords encrypted) on the existing LDAP directory. All user and administration actions are logged centrally on a relational database. Audit and reporting are done on the central console or with business intelligence tools on the database. This provides a good amount of control and management.

Documentation for this product is in the form of several PDF manuals, installation guide and console administrator's guide. The manuals are well organised and have nicely mapped out bookmarks for easy navigation. They include many screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

Evidian offers phone- and email-based technical support. It also has an in-depth support area on its website, where customers can get access to licence keys, download updates and fixes, get information on support cases, a knowledgebase, news and product documentation.

With prices starting at about £39 per user, we find this product to be average value for the money. While it does offer a way to manage users via single sign-on across the enterprise, we found it difficult to install and awkward to manage overall.

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