Ex-Google duo launch anti-malware web service

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Former search employees beta anti-web malware tool

A team including former Google employees has launched a beta service that aims to allow businesses to monitor and protect against reputation damage caused by online malware compromises.

The three founders, Dr. Neil Daswani, previously Google's security product manager, software engineer Shariq Rizvi and former consultant Ameet Ranadive claim that their cloud-based Web Anti-Malware service monitors and diagnoses any malware infections, and helps businesses address them, before their site is blacklisted by legitimate companies.

"In the last two years, we've seen a fundamental shift in the way malware is spread," said Dasient co-founder Daswani. "Hackers are using highly automated and mutable attacks to turn websites into delivery vehicles for malicious software. This is a web problem at its core, and it requires a solution that can function at web speed and web scale."

The service uses Web crawlers and behavioral analysis technologies to automatically detect malware code, according to the company.

One of the most popular methods of malware attack currently, web attacks rely on compromising legitimate sites and infecting them with malicious code that is then passed onto unsuspecting users. The result is usually blacklisting by search engines such as Google and Yahoo; browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome; and desktop anti-virus providers like Norton and McAfee.

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