BlockMaster has launched a new technology for file-sharing over a secure line.

Named PIPE, the company said that it enables sharing and synchronisation of data over a secure line back and forth without the risk of leaking data or failing compliance.

Secure file-sharing is enabled from one user's SafeConsoleReady USB to one (or many) other verified users' managed devices, with the PIPE software client offering Point2Point file-sharing where each recipient and contributor is clearly identified and two-factor authenticated.

BlockMaster said that secure file-sharing is enabled by the SafeConsoleReady Device and PIPE software client, the latter of which is a zero-footprint portable solution that enforces encryption of all data at rest and in transit and enables two-way communication.

The PIPE software client is deployed onto managed SafeConsoleReady devices over any network. Enrollment of access points and verified users to the PIPE is self-serviced and follows established security concepts such as separation of duties.

Anders Kjellander, CSO at BlockMaster, said: “File-sharing is more convenient than email and FTP, but up until now it has posed great security threats. Traditional file-sharing solutions should really be called file-spreading solutions.

“There are no real access controls and only a false sense of security based on horrid implementations of encryption, as breaches have shown. PIPE is an easy-to-use, cost-efficient compliance solution that enforces the strictest requirements of encryption and authentication for data access.”