MWR InfoSecurity is to launch an Android security testing framework this afternoon at the Blackhat EU conference.

Speaking to SC Magazine, MWR InfoSecurity managing director Ian Shaw said the technology is named Mercury and is designed to analyse security vulnerabilities in Android applications.

The company claimed that following media coverage of security issues on Android phones, and in light of the fact that researching vulnerabilities in mobile phones is time-consuming, the tool has been designed to allow testing of applications before, during and after development.

Shaw said: “This comes with the Android platform that OEM vendors have taken and added to links to reduce security vulnerabilities in the development process. It is a tool to spot when you are making mistakes and add support for developers.

“The app is a compliment to the server, it is loaded onto the phone and asks for a single permission of access to the internet that any app asks for. It will come back with recommendations on corrections and review other applications and content providers.

“For businesses looking to use Android devices and review environments form a security perspective, this is a tool to use as there are a lot of issues in the security development lifecycle in the Android platform.”

MWR InfoSecurity said the tool has been used already to identify multiple vulnerabilities, and it has informed phone manufacturers of these issues.

Mercury is being released in an open-source form, available at