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Tesla saboteur trains spotlight on insider threats

Tesla's recent revelation that an employee turned saboteur messed with code and exfiltrated data underscores the continuing challenge and complexity of insider threats and the difficulty ferreting them out before they can do harm.

Tesla hit by insider saboteur who changed code, exfiltrated data

Tesla has routed out a saboteur who changed code on internal products and exfiltrated data to outsiders, damaging company operations and possibly causing a fire, CEO Elon Musk told employees in an email.

ZooPark cyber-espionage campaign targets Androids in the Middle East

A cyber-espionage operation targeting Android users in the Middle East has been exfiltrating the data of unsuspecting users since June 2015.

Indicted Iranian hackers phished targets using library account lures

The nine US-indicted Iranians who stand accused of exfiltrating 31 terabytes of research and data from educational institutions, companies and government agencies, allegedly used phishing schemes to steal university credentials.

APT hackers hid Slingshot malware in routers for six years

Slingshot malware targeted almost 100 victims in the Middle East and Africa since at least 2012