Exploit Kit News, Articles and Updates

Evolving exploit builder ThreadKit used for RAT & banking trojan campaigns

Researchers from Proofpoint last week revealed a new exploit builder kit that has been used by the sophisticated Cobalt Gang cyber-criminal group.

RIG exploit kit strikes again, cryptocurrencies malvertising campaign

A malvertising campaign uses decoy websites pushing cryptocurrencies and then redirects users to the RIG exploit kit, Malwarebytes Labs said.

Rig EK all but disappears, usage down 96 percent

The Rig exploit kit, once used almost exclusively to deliver ransomware, is now not only no longer delivering that malware but has experienced a 96 percent reduction in overall usage.

RIG EK used to spread Matrix ransomware via malvertising

Matrix ransomware is now being distributed via the RIG exploit kit on various sites displaying malvertising.

New exploit kits found leveraging vulnerabilities in web browsers

The techniques exploit kit authors use to hide their activities are frequently changing, and security researchers work hard to analyse and block these new threats.

Microsoft Word Intruder 8 malware integrating latest flaws

MWI8 framework builds malicious Word documents and was recently advertised on the dark web as incorporating specific, recently discovered Flash vulnerabilities.

No honour among thieves: Sundown EK stealing exploits

Trustwave researchers have looked at the new version of Sundown exploit kit, finding it to be riddled with other people's exploits

Joomla targeted in WordPress campaign that delivers TeslaCrypt

The cyber gang behind the ongoing WordPress malvertising campaign is now targeting Joomla sites.