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Top security flaws move to Microsoft from Adobe

Hackers more likely to use cryptocurrency mining malware than an exploit kit, report says. Malware campaigns have shifted focus onto Microsoft and cryptocurrency mining rather than using flaws in Adobe Flash and exploit kits.

Criminals ramps up server-side attacks

Hackers are increasingly turning to server-side attacks, according to a new report. Report notes fall in use of client-side exploit kits.

Major decline in exploit kits - less financially viable than ransomware

Exploit kits are on the way out, at least that's the message in a recent blog form Digital Shadows which reports that at least four major players in the market have ceased operation since June 2016.

Cerber ransomware using Magnitude EK and binary padding

Cerber ransomware delivered in a Magnitude exploit kit (EK) using an interesting technique, Malwarebyte researchers have discovered.

ICYMI: £1m CISO; WannaCry; Terror kit; GDPR penalties; Dutch rank

In Case You Missed It: £1m CISO: WannaCry- Exploit hoarding; Terror exploit kit; GDPR penalty driven; Dutch & 7 others ranked

Terror exploit kit evolving into greater danger - drops multiple exploits

New exploit kit taking the place of Angler and others as it rapidly evolves to target its victims.

500+ vulns reported to the National Vulnerability Database in 1H 2016

Vulnerabilities are on the rise, with 516 reported to the National Vulnerability Database in the first half of 2016 compared to only 403 total vulnerabilities were reported in 2015.

CryptoWall 4.0 now deploying through the Nuke EK

CryptoWall 4.0 has been spotted being distributed not by the classical phishing campaign but by the ever-more prevalent exploit kit.

Finding secure advantage in the explosion of exploit kit activity

New survey reveals just four exploit kits are thought to be responsible for 96 percent of malicious activity on the internet.

Malvertisers hit Forbes with exploit kit attack

Neutrino and Angler exploit kits were pushed onto victims through third-party advertisements placed on Forbes.com.

Shade among top three encryptors in Russia; delivered via spam, exploit kits

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab said Shade encryptor has gained a top three encryptor berth in Russia in less than a year.