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All versions' of Windows vulnerable to tweaked Shadow Broker NSA exploits

NSA exploits stolen by hacker Shadow Brokers can be tweaked to exploit vulnerabilities in all versions of Windows, including Windows 10 - so deploy the MS17-010 security update from Microsoft as soon as possible.

Attackers exploit old WordPress to inject code enabling site redirection

Attackers exploited an old WordPress vulnerability to infect more than one thousand websites with malware capable of injecting malvertising and even creating a rogue admin user with full access privileges, according to researchers.

Cyber-attacks using exploits up by a quarter in 2016, says Kaspersky

Kaspersky Lab reports the number of attacks using software vulnerabilities is rising fast, driven by the professionalisation of cyber-crime.

Has Google got stagefright regarding OTA Android security updates?

Cyber-security experts are urging Google to make its Android operating system updates available over-the-air to decrease the window of opportunity for vulnerability exploitation.

Panda APT group using Hacking Team flaws

The Chinese APT group Emissary Panda has been taking advantage of Hacking Team's Flash Player exploits in its actions.