Microsoft's announcement that it will include InPrivate browsing and blocking privacy features has been welcomed.


Malcolm Duckett, VP Marketing at Speed-Trap, claimed that the advance on Internet Explorer 8 is well overdue and exceedingly welcome. The added security features for the new browser are intended to allow the user to browse anonymously and not leave any record of their activity on the browser and disable Web Analytics systems which operate across many sites.


Malcolm Duckett said: “It cannot be underestimated just how important it is to stand against online abuse of privacy and take customer security seriously. Recent debacles – including high profile ISPs and Phorm stories – have highlighted how inflammatory an issue it can be to exploit internet users' vulnerability to illicit, if not illegal, targeting and monitoring.”


He further claimed that companies abuse their customers trust by misusing captured data, and would ‘rapidly incur a rather un-enviable reputation.' He said: “Monitoring on-line customer activity for analytical and marketing purposes can be valuable both to the site and to the visitor, if it is done appropriately by an individual retailer in order to improve customer service and loyalty, and if the customer wants to remain anonymous while they browse the site, (under normal circumstances) this wish should  be respected.


“For example, we implemented an Opt-Out feature for all our systems some years back, and it's good to see Microsoft following the same route. One of the important features of a good on-line business is it will seek to engender a level of trust and information sharing with its customer.”