Egress Software Technologies has announced the launch of the latest version of its secure file transfer solution.

According to the company, Egress Switch version 2.3 now enables companies to encrypt email messages centrally, support offline access and access and reply to encrypted emails using any web browser.

It said that after conversations with users, the Switch Outlook/Lotus Notes add-in option can be configured to use server-side gateway encryption rather than local encryption, enabling organisations to protect outbound data without disrupting existing indexing or message archiving processes. Support is also offered for 64-bit versions of Outlook 2010.

Also, Egress claimed that the cloud upload APIs have been enhanced to provide improved performance and resilience when transferring large files.

Tony Pepper, CEO at Egress, said: “Offering customer's additional functionality in parallel to new features that enhance overall usability is one of the reasons why Egress is leading the market in email and file encryption.

“This new functionality demonstrates our ability to deliver versatile and uniquely uncomplicated security software, which is reflected in our rapidly expanding client base.”