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F-Secure Client Security 8



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£20.93/licence for 100-249 users including 1 year support and maintenance

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Strengths: Great endpoint protection, easy to use, value for the money is high

Weaknesses: Support is good but only available 24/5

Verdict: Very nice solution for any size of organisation. Solid product. We give this one our Best Buy award this month

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The F-Secure Policy Manager was easy to use as it was capable of managing our anti-virus and client security application. It also comes equipped with an advanced mode to manage other F-Secure products.

The Policy Manger did everything we wanted it to do, from Active Directory integration, to discovery and management of our endpoints, centralised web-based reporting, alerting and policy creation and management. Another feature we liked was that it did not require us to load a separate database. We saw this as a plus from the ease of deployment aspect and a negative from a historical reporting aspect. The negative went away when we learned that there is support for syslog event data forwarding.

The DeepGuard host-based intrusion-prevention feature was impressive. DeepGuard 2.0, the reputation-based real time protection network, assists the behavioural heuristics with network-based reputation and increased scanning performance.

The firewall feature was easy to use and the ability to view the firewall logging on the desktop was a nice feature. The F-Secure device protects against viruses and other malicious code, worm attacks, spyware, adware, rootkits, zero-hour threats and the use of forbidden networking software.

Additional features that we found useful were the incremental virus definition delivery to reduce network bandwidth overhead, news and threat updates to the client desktop level, and integration with Cisco NAC for device notification and reporting.

The documentation is provided in PDF form and was very detailed. It gave us everything we needed to install and manage our test environment.

The licence fee includes standard support and product maintenance for one year. There are fee-based support options available. The standard support is a little lacking in that it provides three-day email turnaround and phone support 24 hours a day, five days a week.

This product offers a large amount of protection and ease of use and management, all for a fair price.

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