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F-Secure Client Security 9



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£20.90 per licence for 100-249

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Strengths: Solid offering, easy to use, price is in the middle range of those reviewed

Weaknesses: Nothing that we found

Verdict: F-Secure Client Security is a great enterprise solution, easy to use, with a strong feature set, all of which make it our Best Buy this month

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F-Secure Client Security 9 provides automatic, centrally managed, real-time protection against online threats such as browser exploits, viruses, spyware, riskware, zero-day, rootkits and other forms of malicious code, across Windows and Linux.

The solution is centrally managed with the F-Secure Policy Manager that comprises the console, server and web reporting. Its Policy Manager Console provides a centralised management console for the security of the managed hosts in the network. The server is the repository for policies/software distributed by the administrator and for status information and alerts sent by the managed hosts.

The server installation is a simple executable that installs the management components. Once complete, the policy manager can be run from the start/programs menu. The manager is launched in anti-virus mode, with options to change to advanced mode.

The complete security package offers seamless integration of several protection technologies such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, web traffic scanning, firewall, email scanning, intrusion prevention and DeepGuard application rules monitoring. Additional protection includes server queries to real-time protection network, advanced heuristics, sandboxing and behavioural blocking that unite to offer greater protection.

Reporting, alerting and logging are all available through the user interface. There is also a web-reporting module. Alerting is solid and deliverable via email integration. The user interface is tab-based and easy to use. User management was handled through either an import from a Windows Domain or through polling the network. Creating initial policies was easy, using the editor in the policy manager.

Enhancements in version 9 include virus definition update channels, remote quarantine management, browsing protection support, performance, fail-over enhancements to Policy Manager and updated UI layout.

Basic support includes phone and email on an 8/5 basis and other options are available.

This is a strong product in the malware space.

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