F-Secure has launched an unlimited backup solution for pictures, music and all other digital content.


The solution has been developed following a survey carried in 2008, where 42 per cent of the respondents said they had lost valuable content, most only backed up their files a couple of times a year and some even less frequently or never.

F-Secure Online Backup works automatically in the background whenever you are connected to the internet.
Your personal files are copied from your computer over the internet into highly secure data centres, and you can restore the content to any computer. A web portal allows you to view your backed up content from any PC with an internet connection.


Antti Reijonen, VP for consumer business and marketing at F-secure, said: “Surprisingly very few people today make sufficient backups of their content. Online backup automates this task, so there is no need to spend time burning CDs or setting up external storage devices, which has kept people from making backups.”