F4W develops 'unbreakable security solution'

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A software development company has developed what it calls an 'unbreakable security solution'.

A software development company has developed what it calls an ‘unbreakable security solution'.


F4W has developed the solution via its Energo Technology Platform by building a group of applications that, if used as designed, will secure computers and data on public networks at an unprecedented level.

Harris Chasen, leader of the F4W engineering project, said: “We eliminate the vulnerability computers have in a VPN to intrusions from other computers that are also connected to the VPN. We control application access to the network, both in and out while completely securing the ‘ports' that often allow the intruders in.


“Appliances that companies are forced to buy that maintain a semblance of security cannot have this knowledge. As a result, they cannot provide the 100 per cent security our system provides.”  

Harry Timmons, president of F4W, said: “Creating communications solutions became more than hardware for us several years ago. We realised in order for us to be effective we needed a software framework to meet the security, networking and communications demands of government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.


“The value of this solution becomes mind-numbing when you dig into what governmental agencies and private organisations struggle with on a daily basis in regards to being truly secure and the enormous cost to maintain that security on an annual basis.”


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