Facebook has acknowledged a rise in the amount of scams that are hitting the site.

In a blog posting, Alok Menghrajani, a software engineer on the site integrity team at the social networking site, claimed that an increase in ‘scams where people's login information is collected through phishing sites and then their accounts are accessed without permission to ask friends for money' has been noticed.

Menghrajani said: “On the technical side, we have improved a number of our automated systems to better handle this unique class of scam and are taking efforts to ensure that we adapt our response to the scam as it changes.

“At the same time, our security team is working with law enforcement and collaborating with email providers and other industry experts to identify and catch the criminals responsible. Western Union also is working closely with law enforcement on scams such as this one.”

Menghrajani further admitted that only a small number of people have experienced this type of scam on Facebook, but it ‘remained committed to constantly improving our systems and implementing additional measures to better respond'.