Facebook may be hit by more questions over its security over personal details after it changed the personal details section to allow family members to be added.


Designer Julie Zhuo revealed in a blog on the social networking site that the she had been ‘working on ideas for how to highlight more of the important people in my life. You already could specify if you were in a romantic relationship with someone, so why not also be able to list your parents, children and siblings?'


The new option will allow people to list their parents on their personal details alongside their partners, hometown and date of birth.


Children and siblings can also be added, with Zhuo revealing that Facebook is ‘considering an extended family section for the future. If your kids are too young to be on Facebook, you can still list them on your profile. If you include their birthdays, we'll even show their ages, too.'


However in the comments for the blog, one member said: “Cool idea but I wish there were better privacy settings to accommodate this. Any time I send someone a message or a friend request they can see my basic info, including my family now. If I want to ask someone in the marketplace about an item, I don't want them now being able to see who my mom is.”


Facebook has been hit by criticisms over its privacy rulings in the past, as it was forced to temporarily change and then ballot its 175 million members after it changed the terms of use that permitted it to retain a copy of all messages, actions and updates online, even after people quit the site.