Facebook is expected to announce its simplified privacy settings later today.

Various media sources have claimed that the simpler privacy settings will be implemented later today, with Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes confirming to CNN yesterday by email that the ‘new, simpler user controls will begin rolling out tomorrow'. He said that he could not say any more.

BBC News reported that founder Mark Zuckerberg and other senior Facebook executives will discuss the changes at its Palo Alto headquarters at 6.30pm (BST).

An event set to be held in Washington DC, first spotted by Mashable, claimed that Facebook's capital office will be staging a Congress staffers-only briefing to address issues of user privacy. Facebook is inviting House and Senate staff to the Capitol Visitors Center to ‘learn about what these tools mean for your constituents and the future of sharing online'.

Nick O'Neill, writing on allfacebook.com, commented that this will be the first event for its recently recruited public policy associate Corey Owens. O'Neill said: “While it will be more of an educational program, as Facebook regularly educates staffers on how to reach out to constituents using the platform, it comes at a time when the company is under intense scrutiny. Just recently, a number of Senators teamed up to request that Facebook make their new ‘Instant personalisation' service opt-in.

“The company will roll out simple privacy settings that should make controlling access to data more obvious.”