Facebook has updated its statement of rights and responsibilities but has left members confused as to what the changes are.

Adam Conner, an associate on the public policy team, posted a blog on the social networking site proposing updates to the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (SRR) in order to ‘make things more clear'.

Conner said: “The proposed SRR we're announcing today mostly includes clarifying changes and minor updates. We encourage you to read the revised SRR in its entirety on the Facebook Site Governance Page, where you can review the changes and give us your comments.”

He further asked members to look at the documents and provide feedback before 10:00a.m. PDT on 18th August. “As members of the Facebook community, we want you to be involved in the site's governance. That's why we're committed to giving you the opportunity to review and comment on changes before they go into effect.”

However some members who commented on the documents appeared to be either confused by what the changes are, or were unable to detect any changes.

One member, named Shashi Joshi, said: “The first suggestion is to provide the 'deltas', that is, highlight what has changed in the new document, and what it was earlier, kind of a from -> to scenario, to make it easy for people to see the ‘change'.”
In agreement was member Carlos Lopes, who said: “I agree with the importance of making clear what changes are being proposed from the current SoRaR. It's rather difficult to compare what changes are being considered from the current to the proposed.”

Another member, Natalie Gallagher, said: “I second ALL comments to date. 1) Please identify the changed portions of this statement; and 2) Clarify the use of images.”