Facebook Privacy News, Articles and Updates

Facebook in class action suit over privacy, data gathering infractions

Facebook accused of "standing idly by" while Aleksandr Kogan raided user accounts through a quiz app and shared the information with Cambridge Analytica and "made only the weakest attempts to prevent further access to this data.

Facebook sends auditors to Cambridge Analytica; FTC reportedly probing

Cambridge Analytica's harvesting of data on 50 million Americans and its support for the Brexit campaign have prompted internal and external probes of both Facebook and the data analytics firm.

Will Cambridge Analytica's data harvesting impact business use on Facebook?

The Information Commissioner's Office is investigating the manner in which data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica harvested millions of Facebook profiles and analysed them for political purposes and to target voters during Brexit.

Bug hunter finds backdoor in Facebook left by another bug hunter

A series of bug bountiers have apparently open and closed a vulnerability in the social media giant, Facebook.

Employees playing Facebook quizzes could put their employers at risk

Paul Bischoff explains that companies should educate their employees on the importance of Facebook privacy and other data-gathering apps that can potentially compromise both personal and company security.