Facebook is to begin requiring developers to have an approved account on the social networking site before they can add applications.

Writing in a blog update on its developer page, Niket Biswas, a verified engineer on the Facebook platform team, said that starting this week, it was requiring every developer to verify his or her Facebook account to create new applications.

He said: “This is the same quick process that users go through when they want to do things like upload large videos. We're taking this step to preserve the integrity of Facebook platform, ensuring that every application is associated with a valid and real Facebook account.”

Accounts will be verified by mobile phone or by adding a credit card to a user's account.

Commenting, Jason Steer, EMEA solution architect at Veracode, said: “Facebook should be praised for starting this process as users are concerned about applications accessing their data. Ultimately however a rigorous application testing process that builds trust into their platform is required.

“Throwaway credit card and mobile numbers are easy to obtain however so this bump in the road will not be too hard for serious application writers with bad intentions to pass over.”