Facebook is to introduce a new website named ‘Facebook Lite'.

Details at present are unsurprisingly sketchy, with only a few Facebook users selected to trial and use the beta version. One of those is Mashable's Ben Parr, who posted the message received by those specially selected, it reads: "You have been selected as a beta tester for Facebook Lite!

We are building a faster, simpler version of Facebook that we call Facebook Lite. It's not finished yet and we have plenty of kinks to work out, but we would love to get your feedback on what we have built so far.

Check out Facebook Lite now at http://lite.facebook.com."

I have tried to click on the link and it only takes me to the regular Facebook page, suggesting that this is not ready for rollout just yet. Parr claimed that having received the message, ‘just as quickly, the message disappeared. What it is exactly...we're not quite sure.'

There are no specifics on what Facebook Lite is, among discussions on Twitter there is beliefs that it may mirror the micro-blogging site, with others claiming that it could be like Facebook without apps.

Following the recent takeover of FriendFeed by Facebook, that allows friends to comment on the things you share in real time from RSS feeds and other social networking sites, this could be the next step in Web 2.0. If we're told what it is of course.