The removal of application notifications on Facebook has led to bogus applications that claim to show which of your friends are viewing your profile.

After speaking to SC Magazine earlier this month about the social networking sites' application notifications on actions and changes, Trend Micro senior security advisor Rik Ferguson claimed that he had identified a wave of applications that promise to reveal the truth about which of your friends are viewing your Facebook profile. However he claimed that ‘the promise is worthless and the apps are bogus'.

Facebook users will now likely see users adding the application, which adds a montage that claims to include the friends who look at your profile the most. The users in the montage are then tagged, spreading the rogue application further.

Ferguson said: “The app itself is designed to look convincing enough, but none of the many ‘continue' buttons it offers will activate some under-the-counter profile checking functionality, they will just push you into another Facebook app earning the scammer advertising revenue in the process.

“These changes in scam tactics are clearly designed to overcome the changes that Facebook made recently to application functionality, including removing the ability for applications to send notifications directly.”

He called for Facebook to review its application publishing policy, as these things are becoming a regular occurrence and there must be a tremendous burden being placed on the incident response handlers at Facebook that could be better channelled into an application vetting process.

“For now though, just don't click the links, they will disappear from your streams as Facebook remove the offending apps. There is no officially sanctioned Facebook functionality that will allow you to view who has been checking your profile,” said Ferguson.