The debate over the change in terms of service by Facebook has highlighted the need for a privacy law.


Marc Rotenberg, president of the Electronic Privacy Information Centre, claimed that it was on the brink of filing a legal complaint when Facebook announced it would revert to its old policy.


Rotenberg told the BBC: “This row underlines the need for comprehensive privacy laws. It is great that Facebook has responded by going back to its old terms of service. That is a step in the right direction, but these issues don't go away. It's going to be an ongoing concern for users until we get privacy laws in place."


He claimed that the centre, along with other consumer and civil liberty groups, were intending to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission about the policy changes until Facebook changed its terms.


However Rotenberg claimed that he was impressed with the speed in which Facebook acted on user criticism, and hoped such willingness to listen will continue.


He said: “Mark Zuckerberg said users should be able to own and control their information. If everyone starts with that principle we can end up in a very good place. On a lot of these issues where there is confusion on that point, I see a lot of debate."