Facial recognition: a solution to the need for stronger security?

News by Danielle Correa

Lee Munson describes how facial recognition could be the future of stronger security via Windows 10.

Lee Munson, BH Consulting's Social Media Manager, notes that everyone is familiar with the common method of a username and password combination for logging into a system. It is innately insecure though since human nature and lack of security awareness instructs that many people will choose short and simple passwords since they prefer convenience over effectiveness.

More effective alternatives have been researched and led to experimenting with biometrics. Such systems are not foolproof, as scans can be tricked — but one area that shows promise is facial recognition.

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft plumped for a more straightforward integration of camera and operating system. People would be able to login by simply looking at their screen.

The Australian even studied pairs of identical twins to make sure they would not be able to access each other's accounts. In all cases, the second twin was unable to bypass the facial recognition technology.

Munson hopes the continued dabbling with biometrics will lead to an alternative to the password for a stronger security solution that would be easier to implement and use. 


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