Facial Recognition News, Articles and Updates

Facial recognition fooling glasses could subvert TSA security

Researchers at the US' Carnegie Mellon University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill developed a technique to fool facial recognition algorithms including those used at airports.

Apple denies claims that it lowered iPhone X face-recognition accuracy

Apple is disputing claims that it ordered manufacturers to lower the accuracy of its face-recognition to make the iPhone X easier to make.

UK privacy watchdog warns consumers that shops can track them

The UK's privacy watchdog warns that facial recognition software and handset identifiers broadcasted via Wi-Fi are allowing UK retailers to track and target their customers through their smartphones.

Starbug's in your eyes: German hacker spoofs iris recognition

A German hacker who rose to fame after hacking Apple's TouchID has revealed a method where iris images taken from a distance with a high-resolution camera can be recreated with a laser printer.

Payment processing company tests facial recognition camera as fraud preventative

Worldpay, a payment processing technology company, said it's researching using facial recognition in stores around the UK as a card fraud preventative measure.

Facial recognition: a solution to the need for stronger security?

Lee Munson describes how facial recognition could be the future of stronger security via Windows 10.