Fake Pornhub app spreads ransomware like STDs

News by Robert Abel

Those who may have jumped on the company's free Valentine's Day offer beware.

ESET researchers spotted yet another ransomware attack promising porn to unsuspecting users, this time in the form of a fake Android Pornhub app.

Even though researchers often warn users about downloading applications from unofficial app stores, this malicious app capitalises on the fact that the adult website does in fact offer an official app from the PornHub website, but is not available on the Google Play store due to Google's restrictions against hosting adult content, according to ESET's Trends in Android Ransomware report.

Once downloaded, the app displays a message that the device must be checked for viruses and after clicking OK, the malware installs ransomware which locks up the user's device and demands $100 in Bitcoin for the key to unlock the device.

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