A new phishing email posing as Amazon has been targeting users of the online retailer by luring them to complete a survey for the chance to win some cash.

According to Net Security, a link that users receive in their email sends them to a compromised web page that was made to appear as Amazon's login page. 

Sporting the Amazon logo and color scheme, the email says: “As a valued customer we would like to present you with an opportunity to make a quick buck. We are offering £10 each to a selected number of customers in exchange for completing a quick survey relating to our service.”

Once login credentials are entered, the victims will be taken to another page requesting that they enter full payment information that includes address, phone number, bank account details, credit card details and the security question.

Chris Boyd of Malwarebytes noticed that the phrasing of the email was not similar with how Amazon communicates with its customers. “I can't really picture Amazon mailing anybody with the phrase ‘Make a quick buck', but in any case the link directed eager clickers from what looked to be a compromised home and gardens website,” Boyd said in his blog.

Boyd advised that the redirection site and phishing pages have been taken down, but encourages users to look for signs that the services they use are in fact secure and verified.