Diplomatic problems between the UK and Argentina could worsen after the Falkland Islands' Penguin News was hacked to display the Argentine flag.

At the time of writing the website had returned to normal with no mention of the hack, but over the weekend it had displayed the Argentine official ceremonial flag with a audio file of March of the Malvinas. It also displayed text in Spanish, which translated as ‘the islands are Argentine' and claimed the move was a ‘tribute' to the country's soldiers who died during the Falklands War, according to The Daily Mail.

Relations between the UK and Argentina over the islands have deteriorated recently over a dispute over British oil exploration near the Falklands. The Argentine government announced that ships traversing Argentine territorial waters en route to the Falklands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands would require a permit.

John Colley, managing director EMEA at (ISC)2, said: "We see these sort of things going on for a long time, from extremist groups against animal testing, and this is just an extension of that. It is targeted but on a serious note, from a cyber warfare point it really says that if you run a website you want to make sure it is protectable.

"In the second world war, the propaganda campaign was used and in the modern day, websites would be used to attack the equivalent of the Argentine Daily Times."