After fall of AlphaBay and Hansa, other darkweb markets see uptick

News by Robert Abel

Darkweb activity continues apace despite takedowns as buyers move to alternative sights - but are increasingly wary of getting caught.

Dream Market is currently the biggest illegal store with more than 98,844 listings at the end of July, according to research carried out by Israeli cyber-security firm Cyberint for the BBC.

Other market places also saw a bump in growth with TradeRoute experiencing a 16.3 percent gain with listings increasing from 14,914 to 17,816 since the shutdowns. Even smaller sites are seeing growth with Tochka listings expecting a 28.1 percent increase bringing it to 2,390 listings.

Only one of the observed markets saw a drop off in activity, with RsClub Market, one of the only monitored sites to sell guns, which saw 37.8 percent fall off as the site's listing count dropped by 638 to 1,689 over the week. Researchers suspect users looking to buy and sell illegal good are steering clear of RsClub since it may likely be the focus of follow-up investigations.

"The takedowns have certainly not discouraged the vendors but it's still not totally clear if it has put off the buyers," Alan Woodward, an advisor to Europol, told the BBC.

"The sellers believe they are relatively immune - they don't use their real details so are hard to track down even if a site is commandeered - but the users have to give delivery addresses and the like."

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