False Positive News, Articles and Updates

Are we too busy with pancakes to get serious about ransomware?

Application Whitelisting ends the weak spot for Zero-Day malware in AV, but false positives may make passive process/service monitoring with alerting a better compromise between prioritising business operations over protection.

False positive putsch: Webroot AV cant tell friend from foe

Webroot security tools started throwing up false positives this week and quarantining critical Windows files.

Alert fatigue: When your security system cries 'wolf.'

Too many false positives inevitably reduce response times - and even response numbers - so raise the verification bar and thereby limit them says Chandra Sekar.

Kaspersky Lab anti-virus error leads to user fury

Scores of Windows machines crashed today after a tainted Kaspersky Lab anti-virus update severed internet access for enterprises and home users.