Fancy Bear News, Articles and Updates

Fancy Bear likely behind malware found on Lojack C2 domains

Russia's Fancy Bear APT group, notable for its alleged assault on the Democratic National Committee (DNC), is likely behind the malicious command and control (C2) domains found in Lojack agents.

Fancy Bear suspected in United Kingdom's Anti-Doping Agency cyber-attack

Fancy Bear hackers are suspected of launching a foiled cyber-attack on the UK's Anti-Doping Agency.

Fancy Bear targets defence contractors email to steal tech secrets

Russian hacking group Fancy Bear, have exploited weakspots in the email systems of defence contract workers to access top secret information on US defence technology, including drones.

Pawn Storm readied attacks against US political and Olympic targets

The cyber-espionage gang Pawn Storm, also known as Fancy Bear and affiliated with Russian intelligence, targeted US senators in a cyber-espionage reminiscent of the one launched against French President Emmanuel Macron.

APT28's latest Word doc attack eliminates needing to enable macros

The threat group APT28/Fancy Bear is now using a little used technique available in Microsoft Office that enables the cyber-gang to execute arbitrary code through a Word document, but without requiring macros to be enabled.

Cyber-Sec pros targeted: NATO cyber-conflict event in cyber-conflict

In a stroke of ironical genius, Russian hackers have targeted security conference attendees with a targeted phishing campaign.

IAAF servers hacked by Fancy Bear, denies Russian connection

The International Association of Athletics Federations has been working with law enforcement investigating a breach of its servers, but has denied a Russian connection.