Faronics has added process protection, intrusion detection and web filtering to its anti-virus product.

According to the company, the updates to Anti-Virus 3.0 are in response to both increased customer demand and the constantly evolving threat landscape, and offer a co-ordinated, layered approach to security.

It said it combines conventional technologies such as anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit and firewall into a single solution for a co-ordinated, pre-emptive response to advanced malware.

The addition of process protection will ensure that users do not fall victim to unknown applications attempting to inject malicious code into other programs. Faronics also claimed that IT administrators will be able to configure how applications interact with each other, setting policies as to what can be opened and what should be blocked.

Dmitry Shesterin, vice-president of product management at Faronics, said: “The new intrusion-detection system works alongside existing firewalls to detect suspicious activity and lock down any weaknesses in an operating system before threats can get through.

“Process protection is equally important to combat the threat of application-based malware, particularly as more users are downloading PDF documents, using social media and similar websites, often unaware of the vulnerabilities that exist within these processes.”