The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has shut down what it describes as a ‘notorious rogue internet service provider'.


It claimed that the rogue ISP recruits, knowingly hosts, and actively participates in the distribution of spam, child pornography, and other harmful electronic content and has been shut down at the request of the FTC.


Pricewert LLC, that does business under a variety of names including 3FN and APS Telecom, has been accused of ‘advertis[ing] its services in the darkest corners of the internet, including a forum established to facilitate communication between criminals.'


The FTC alleged that Pricewert actively shielded its criminal clientele by either ignoring take-down requests issued by the online security community, or shifting its criminal elements to other internet protocol addresses it controlled to evade detection.


It also alleged that the defendant engaged in the deployment and operation of botnets and recruited bot herders and hosted the command-and-control servers. The FTC alleged that more than 4,500 malicious software programs are controlled by command-and-control servers hosted by 3FN.


A vote to authorise staff to file the complaint was 4-0, and the court issued a temporary restraining order to prohibit Pricewert's illegal activities and require its upstream internet providers and data centers to cease providing services to Pricewert. The order also freezes Pricewert's assets.