Law firm Field Fisher Waterhouse, KPMG and RSA have collectively launched a website aimed at providing companies that have suffered a data breach with access to a range of expert help.

The Breach Action website brings together experts from law, technology and consultancy and is a vehicle to give companies speedy access to trusted, market leading organisations with the right credentials to advise on the handling of a data breach incident, its aftermath and potential consequences.

The site's contact form is the beginning of a seven-step process, which culminates in the execution of a joint plan of action formulated by all of the relevant advisers.

Data security lawyer, president of the National Association of Data Protection Officers and partner in the privacy and information group at Field Fisher Waterhouse, Stewart Room, came up with the idea for the site.

Room said: “The last couple of years has seen a flurry of high profile data breaches and data security is an increasing concern for both public and private sector organisations. Regulation is becoming more stringent and penalties are getting tougher so companies should be tightening up data handling and security policies.

“The Breach Action website was devised to provide speedy access to relevant experts should the worst happen. By offering this holistic service we hope that companies suffering a data breach will be able to minimise the impact of the breach and its consequences.”